Nutriking Online Coaching Personal Training Cork Nutriking Online Coaching Personal Training Cork
we are Nutriking.
we are Nutriking.


At Nutriking we strive make our customers feel a sense of accomplishment, we don't take the difficulty of nutrition and training for granted. We aim to be the best at what we do and being the best is not to be determined by ourselves but by you the customer.

Here at Nutriking we want to bring you a service that has never been seen before. We’re a company that are after more than just a before and after picture. We take pride in improving your confidence, your relationship with food and overall your quality of life.

Everyone who steps through our doors becomes part of the Nutriking family, Not just for the duration of your training session or the duration of your package but for as long as you need us. Whether you’re looking to Improve your health, lose some unwanted body fat, get in front of a camera or even step on stage, we can help you get there.

We have a combined 11 years of experience in online coaching and personal training and our results reflect our passion for what we do. Feel free to look around our site or get in contact with us to find out more information.

Nutriking Online Coaching Personal Training Cork

How Nutriking works

At Nutriking every client is treated like they are our only client, we deliver our service in a timely, professional and most importantly a confidential manner. Every customer is treated with the respect they deserve and we take pride in managing a huge part of people's lives every single day.

Nutriking Online Coaching

We envision a worldwide link of people that enjoy our plans just as much you could. Our reach will continue to grow across the globe but our community of customers will always remain as close to us as ever before.

Online Coaching & Personal Training

what Nutriking clients say

A few words from some of our clients over the years on how Nutriking has helped them achieve their fitness goals.

Nutriking Online Coaching Personal Training Cork

I worked with Alan for I think it was 11 weeks for a photo shoot prep, the first ever photoshoot I did. Alan constructed all my meal plans according to the foods I liked and was happy to change it as per my requests once if fit the overall plan I also did PT with Alan for the first time ever since I’ve been lifting which is nearly 3 years now and he really encouraged me to give the best I could and it was a fantastic experience and also really helped me keep accountable to my meal plan too ahead of the shoot! I would highly recommend Alan and the team at Nutriking to anyone looking to gain a better understanding of nutrition or training! You might read this and wonder what makes them any different from other PTs or nutrition companies out there, well I’ve been with some other nutrition companies and they didn’t instil the same experience, so what is the difference with Nutriking’s success? is a journey that is not linear and Nutriking want lifestyle change for their clients not just quick fixes that look good for advertising purposes. Yes Nutriking’s client photos speak for themselves, they get results but what you can’t see is the incredible mentality changes behind these photos Thank you guys for believing in me so I could make the changes necessary, utilising the food plan, to believe in myself.

Melissa Edman
Nutriking Online Coaching Personal Training Cork

When I chose Nutriking I came in open minded and not really sure what to expect from my coaching but early on before I had even started it was clear to me that they really cared about you as a client. The work effort and clarity from them was outstanding and it was such a comfort to know that your coaches are willing to work just as hard as you are. They catered for all of my needs whether it was to do with my mentality, training or nutrition, they were always only a message away. The support offer is second to none. Any questions I had were explained to me in detail so that I understood what I was doing and why rather than just being told to do it. Nutriking and the coaches involved allowed and helped me to reach my goals whatever they were and I cannot recommend them highly enough!

Conor Twomey
Nutriking Online Coaching Personal Training Cork

I signed up with Nutriking to do the 8 week challenge. I used to go to the gym myself but never followed any food. Once I got my plan off Alan, I had a look at it any questions I had I was able to reach out to him for support. It was my first time ever following any diet. The foods on the plan were actually nice and made it a lot easier to follow. I really got to notice changes after week 3/4 of sticking to the food/training plan and my over-all energy levels were a lot better. Alan was excellent to deal with and made the 8 weeks enjoyable. I found the weekly check-ins excellent for keeping on track. I have actually just signed up to start a 10 week plan now and look forward to working with the Team Again. If your someone who is thinking of trying a diet plan I would definitely recommend it.

Evan Mullins